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Dogos thrive in a home were they are treated as part of the family but they must also know their place in the pack. 
A bored lonely Dogo can and will be distructive make sure you have the time to give your new family member the attention and training they need.
Dogos do not make good first dogs, large breed experience is needed to ensure they will be handled properly. 
Dogos are very smart and can be easy to train although they can be stubborn and need training sessions to be fun and positive. Having a professional trainer to help you make the right training steps is very important. Also training classes are a great place to socialize your dog with healthy dogs that are properly trained as well.

Malena and Titan de Debonair playing in the yard
An easy way to exercies your puppy is with another puppy

Grooming your Dogo Argentino is not that much work and if fed properly they are not big shedders. Most believe it would be hard to keep them looking fresh because Dogo Argentinos are white but this is not the case.

Brushing your Dogo Argentino with a medium stiff, then a soft brush once or twice a week is enough. We like to use brushes for horses, we have a medium stiff and also a soft or what they call a finishing brush. Brushing your Dogo not only removes dead hair but it also distributes the natural oils thoughout the coat and this helps keep allergins out.

Dogo Argentinos do not need to be given a bath that often infact it does more harm them good to bathe them as it removes the natural oils and drys out the coat.  We bathe our Dogos when we are preparing for a show or competition other then that only when  our pack really needs a bath will we give one.  For shampoo we use Lemon Joy dish soap I know it sounds silly but after years of showing I have found that it does not strip the coat and it gets them nice and white. Where we are in San Diego our Dogos can get an outside bath year round I like using the garden hose as hot water opens up the pours and drys out the coat, after the bath I towel dry and go for a walk until dry.

Cleaning your Dogos ears can be done after the bath with Q-tips or cotton balls if you are not experienced in ear care. In between baths we use an ear cleaner about once or twice a month to keep them clean and the wax build up down.

Dogos should be given plenty of bones and things to chew on so dental care on them should be minimal. Check the teeth when you do the ears and nails and clean or scrape them if they need it. 

Dogo Argentinos grow their nails very fast. Regular exercise helps keep the nails shorter but they still will need to be trimmed about once or twice a month.  Large dog nail clippers are needed and make sure they are not dull.  After the nails are clipped use a dremmel to smooth the rough edges. Always make sure you have kwik stop on hand and close by.

So the break down Dogo Argentinos need brushing a couple times a week. The nails teeth and ears should be checked and cared for once or twice a month.  Bathe only when needed and not more then once every two or three months.

Diego and Charisma out on their daily walk
Walking your Dogo at the beach is great for exercise

Dogos LOVE the water, Sandie is no exception
Sandie's family came to San Diego on vacation and it was love at first sight

Zoe and our daughter at the beach
Dogos are very social and LOVE children

The Argentine Dogo needs to be exercised daily and to be included as a part of the family in daily activities. Although they can do well living in the city with several walks per day Ideally a yard that is fully fenced is best for the Dogo to be happy and have a place of his/her own. Where the Argentine Dogo is a working breed they are very intelligent and need their mind stimulated so a game of fetch or tug is a great way to exercise your Dogo. Remember a bored Dogo can be a destructive Dogo. Dog parks are not for the Dogo not only are they filled with diseases such as giardia, coccidea, and parvo but also internal and external parisites or even mange can be picked up from letting your Dogo near strange dogs. Dog parks are usually filled with untrained aggressive dogs and their equally aggressive unbehavied owners so my advice is it is not worth the health and safey of your Dogo to go to such a place.

Eduardo Diego de Debonair
Once your Dogo is full grown biking is fun exercise

Eduardo Diego and his best friend Pablo the cat
If raised with and trained properly a Dogo can be just fine with cats

One of our girls being tested in Argentina
The Dogo unlike many other breeds is still used for its intended purpose.

The Argentine Dogo needs formal training as does any other breed of dog. Obedience training should begin at a puppy age, and brush ups should continue on throughout your Dogo's life. They are a breed that is known for their independence and strong will, often leading to dominance struggles within the household. For this reason, they require consistency and a great deal of authority, coupled with positive reinforcement. We strongly suggest Altering all companion Dogos as spaying and neutering not only makes a healthier pet but also helps them to be easier to manage.

The Argentine Dogo is known for extreme affection and loyalties for the family and they can have wonderful temperments. The Dogo is a natural guardian and will protect his/her loved ones from danger. Dogos should be very gentle and loving towards children and  can be good with other family pets when properly socialized but should be supervised as should any other breed when it comes to children and smaller pets. The Argentine Dogo is not the dog for every one - and not every breeder out there breeds Dogos of this stable quality. Also we can not stress enough that your Dogo will reflect what you put into your Dogo so if you do not do your part in raising the Dogo puppy up the right way you can ruin your dog. Argentine Dogos can become dog aggressive so it is up to the new family to socialize and properly train their Dogo. A person with a great deal of consistency, authority, and persistence is the right person for this powerful dog and then the Dogo will make a wonderful companion and family guardian.

Candida de Debonair at 3 months enjoying a swim
Dogos love water and love to swim and a kiddie pool in the yard is a great way to cool them off

check out Buc's You tube videos he actually dives