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Breeding Dogos is a huge commitment as is adding a new Dogo Argentino to your home here are some of our Policies in regards to our Debonair Puppies. We also will sometimes help place pups from a Stud service from one of our males and in this case the same policies listed below also apply.

2 week old Debonair Dogo Puppy
dogo pup2wks.jpg

We ask that all potential buyers e mail us for a puppy application. We do screen families and we do not sell our puppies to be used for fighting or any illegal purposes. A deposit is required to reserve a Debonair Dogo Argentino and this deposit is applied to the purchase price. A deposit is a commitment to buy a Debonair Dogo Argentino. If the Buyer has a change of heart on the purchase of a Debonair Dogo Argentino or for any other reason backs out of getting the puppy they will forfeit their deposit. We do allow the deposit to be moved to another litter if we are notified before the reserved litter is 6 weeks old. If something should happen to the reserved Debonair Dogo Argentino or it is not able to be shipped or purchased due to health reasons, or any other unforeseen problems the deposit will be applied to the next available litter. All deposits and monies paid to Debonair Dogo Argentinos are non refundable.

Basketfull of 1 week old Debonair Dogo Puppies

A Debonair Dogo Argentino Show/Breeding/Hunting B Potential pup is for anyone who is showing or breeding or thinking about showing or breeding. It is impossible to predict what a pups outcome will turn out to be, and for that reason it is so important to choose a breeder who has many proven Champion Dogos already as well as the experience to chose the right puppy for a future show career. Please look over our BRED-BY Page to see the high quality of our puppies. At Debonair Dogo Argentinos this is what we do, and we do it well, please look over our AWARDS Page. A Show/Breeding Hunting B Potential pup is offered in both sexes but not in all litters, the B stands for Breeding.This is a very special hand picked puppy.The most solid blood lines(same as our Guardian/Hunting A Puppies), conformation that is flawless, and of course the right temperament. These quality Dogos must be reserved for they are not always available due to the high standards of our breeding program. A contract must be signed before Registration papers are issued. All pups are sold with a contract, this protects the buyer, Debonair dogos, and most importantly the pup.

Vince De Debonair
Show potential Dogo picture.jpg
13 week old Show/breeding prospect

A Guardian/Hunting A Pup is for the average owner that wants a Dogo either for family protection or hunting. If you have no interest in breeding or showing than this is the perfect dog for you, the A stands for ALTERED. Most of the faults that would rank a dog a Guardian/Hunting A pup can not be noticed by the average dog fancier, such as correct topline, leg angulation, and head type. Other factors such as light eye color, a small black patch, or being too large or too small can be noticed but these dogs still are perfectly healthy. All Guardian/ Hunting A females must be spayed before 6 months and males must be neutered before 1 year (NO EXCEPTIONS). Spaying and neutering dogs lowers thier chances for certain health issues and makes them a better all around dog, we highly recommend all Dogos that do not meet a higher level of standard should not be used for breeding and should be altered. Registration papers are withheld until proof of spay(before 6 months) or neuter(before 1 year) is sent to breeder. A Guardian/Hunting A dog is offered in both sexes. All pups are sold with a contract this protects the buyer, Debonair dogos, and most importantly the pup.


Adina de Debonair a Pet Companion female
Pet Dogo picture.jpg
Adina means Delicate

A DEBONAIR PICK PUPPY IS THE ULTIMATE DOGO ARGENTINO and they are very limited please call me to go over more details as only a few each year are chosen for this high status. All pups are sold with a contract this protects the buyer, Debonair dogos, and most importantly the pup.

Titan de Debonair
Dogo Agentino puppy picture.jpg
A TOP PICK PUP at 14 weeks

Cropping can be done as early as 7 weeks and as late as 3 months.  However cropping is a personal choice Dogos are shown with great results with both cropped and uncropped ears. Dogos that are not hunting really do not require the ears to be cropped and they are accepted more in public with their big floppy ears, we leave this decision up to the new family. We need to know in advance if you wish for your pup to be cropped as our vet books up fast. The cost for cropping is additional. Aftercare is also available for the two weeks following the crop, this includes the two weeks of cleaning the ears, taping, giving all meds and removing the stitches, this is mandatory now for pups that will be shipped. Your puppy must be paid in full 1 week before the scheduled crop and a waiver must be signed as this is a cosmetic elective surgery done at your request and Debonair Dogos will assume no risks involved with the surgery, the quality of the crop, or the aftercare of the crop.

1 year old Debonair Dogo with crop from our vet

If you can not come to San Diego to pick up your pup we can ship your pup withen the USA to most larger airports, we prefer to use United Airlines as they have heat and airconditioning for the pups. Depending on the time of year we can also ship to Canada. We no longer ship to Hawaii. The cost is an additional $395 for USA and Canada and this includes the flight, crate and health certificate for flight. WE NO LONGER SHIP OUTSIDE OF NORTH AMERICA! Pups MUST BE 8 WEEKS in order to be shipped in USA and Canada.

Pacha de Debonair shipped with Continental Airline
peeking out into her new home in WI

Payments can be made by:
Cash (if we are hand delivering your pup to you)
Personal Check or Cashier's Check(for deposits ONLY)
Paypal (for deposits ONLY)
Direct Deposit
Bank to Bank wire
Sorry due to all the current internet scams we no long accept personal checks, cashiers checks, or Pay Pal for full payment these methods can only be used for placing a deposit on a future litter. We no longer accept any money orders.
All Debonair puppies must be PAID IN FULL by the time the pup is 6 weeks if being shipped. If we are hand delivering your pup the balance can be paid at that time but in this case we can only except cash for the balance.

Our Charisma at 16 weeks
Dogo Argentino puppies.jpg
Tony De Debonair 12wks, son of Diego

Dogo Argentino Puppies for sale. Argentine Dogo puppies for sale. We ship our Debonair Dogo Argentino puppies to the following states.
Alabama AL Alaska AK Arizona AZ Arkansas AR California CA Colorado CO Connecticut CT Delaware DE Florida FL Georgia GA Idaho ID Illinois IL Indiana IN Iowa IA Kansas KS Kentucky KY Louisiana LA Maine ME Maryland MD Massachusetts MA Michigan MI Minnesota MN Mississippi MS Missouri MO Montana MT Nebraska NE Nevada NV New Hampshire NH New Jersey NJ NJ New Mexico NM New York NY North Carolina NC North Dakota ND Ohio OH Oklahoma OK Oregon OR Pennsylvania PA Rhode Island RI South Carolina SC South Dakota SD Tennessee TN Texas TX Utah UT Vermont VT Virginia VA Washington WA Washington, D.C. West Virginia WV Wisconsin WI Wyoming WY 
*Shipping to Hawaii requires bloodwork and additional wait time so we are no longer shipping to Hawaii*
*We can ship to Canada at certain times of the year*